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So guys, I'm on my way to Detroit (I know, I know) and I see this individual sitting at my gate during my layover in Chicago. It reminded me of what I was going back to, why I left, and why I dreaded getting on that plane. Apparently, even after THREE bad albums, Eminem still influences Detroit fashion? The funniest part is that his shirt says "Flint, Michigan". I don't know why you would want to advertise a place like Flint, Michigan, or for that matter, that you're associated with it. It's true that San Francisco has a long way to go before it is on the fashion world map, but Detroit doesn't even stand a chance! To me, fashion is a symbol of progression. Progressive societies tend to evolve, and fashion can be used as a measure of that evolution. One of my favorite professors at Columbia, Scott Hemphill, said it best when he wrote "the practice of dress—captures a significant aspect of social life, characterized by both the pull of continuity with others and the push of innovation toward the new". Observing the way people dress, in my hometown especially (which is Troy, MI - a tiny suburb of Detroit) is just a reminder of the sad reality that this place is so non progressive. Enough about boring shit. The bottom line is, Detroit really sucks and will never be a city that is capable of influencing fashion. However, San Francisco is. So why doesn't it? Hm. Head scratcher!


Marcell Hilliard said...


While I do like the title of this entry I completely disagree with your opinion.

First assertion three bad albums by Eminem?! Eminem has had about 5 mainstream albums with the exception of 1 Relapse (which was ok) all were phenomenal and accepted by his fans and the hip hop community. And to assume this guys fashion sense is solely inspired by Eminem is also wrong. This is more of an urban hip hop style probably meant for the airplane or just chillin out, which you may also find in NY. Doubt you'll ever see this guy wearing the latest martin margiela, but does not insinuate his progressive mind capability.

Flint is a town in Michigan that suffered greatly after the auto industry started to move away. However the town and the people that live in the town have a sense of pride of all the good things that came from a town that has to fight and thrive on its own.

& Detroit may be the most progressive city on the planet. If you don't believe ask Johnny Knoxville

Since big business and corporate chains are not coming there, the people, the entrepreneurs are building it and changing it like never before. How do I know, because I've been there. Have you? Or are you just another victim of the medias propaganda to say look at this bad city. You live about 40 mins away from the city and I'm curious about the amount of times you've been there in your life. My guess less than 5 and zero in the last ten years.

Although it may not be known for its fashion which arguably in the states really only NY is, its emerging music scene, like the detroit electronic music festival. Earlier in the decade police had to keep breaking it up because it was exceeding a million people! These are the things that influence fashion on a local level. What's going on in the world and in the community.

But how would you know about all of this, I guess all you need to know is Detroit Sucks, right?

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