Effing Sweet Shoes

After smooth talking my way into the Harput's Union grand opening sponsored by 7x7 and perusing through the goodies, I was particularly impressed by these effing sweet shoes. Effortless mega-cool on steroids. At first glance I thought Zero + Maria Cornejo? After a few more glances turned into stares of adornment, I realized that the shoe designer (who is not Maria Cornejo, btw) is a flipping genius. The way they are proportioned give them a bizzare-ish look like you don't really know what's going on but you know you like them. These shoes could easily make Kid Cudi say ooohhhh oh oh oh ooohhhhh. Could these be the next big thing? WAIT...the best part! The designer, Martha Davis, is a San Francisco local. She came here and never left. Like I mentioned in my previous post kids - there is something intangibly seductive about Frisco. Effing sweet sidenote: her shoes are made in the same Italian factory as Chloe and Chanel. WORD UP.


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