And then you get some head in the front seat of the hummer...and by head I mean headwear!

I recently attended Chillin' @ Mezzanine. I can't begin to describe how sweet it was. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, it is basically a huge trunkshow where local designers can showcase and sell their work. Oh, and it's a freakin' sweet ass art show! With local artists like Ian Ross painting live, a ton of sweet artwork, local designer bling, man candy, and could I have not ended up buying anything? So basically I bought this hat (I'm the one on the right). You guys like?'s a Fedora, but embellished with a vintage tie. So damn simple but also so baller at the same time. My friend Laura (on the left) is wearing a similar fedora purchased from the same designer but hers has some added bling! The designer extraordinaire herself, Santa Barrios, makes custom headwear too. Some of it is totally Lady Gaga-ish and rad! But she also has more subtle designs like the one I purchased. Regardless, they are all handmade in San Francisco.

Speaking of headwear....EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GREAT HEADWEAR YOU GUYS! Another local headwear designer to watch out for is Kittenhawk. Check out this fantastic headband. So Claudette Colbert-ish 20s flapper style isn't it?

Check this one out. Still Kittenhawk. Wearing headwear makes you feel like such a badass.

SPEAKING OF! Has anyone checked out LitterSF? Check out this badass headpiece. They make body jewelry made out of scrap metal. Eco friendly and hot. Smells like local San Francisco to me!


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